5 best LED hair combs to boost hair growth


If you wish to accelerate hair growth, you should try an LED hair comb. Have no idea what it is? LED combs are therapeutic hair combs that stimulate blood flow and massage the scalp. Regular use can help boost hair growth and reduce hair fall. Not just that, this red and blue light therapy strengthens, repairs, and provides therapeutic and relaxing head massages. Want to try it now? Here we list some of the best LED hair growth combs you can buy.

Best LED hair combs

Here are 5 best LED combs to boost hair growth and reduce hair fall:

1. Winston Rechargeable LED Comb for Hair Growth

The Winston Rechargeable LED Comb is specifically designed for hair growth, utilizing the power of red and blue light therapy. While the blue light reduces inflammation and prevents hair loss, the red light stimulates hair follicles. Additionally, it provides your scalp with a therapeutic massage, which, in addition to promoting hair growth, can also help you relax by improving blood circulation in your head. The comb’s portable design makes it convenient for use on the go.

2. Protouch LED Hair Therapy Comb

The Protouch LED Hair Therapy Comb comes with three types of vibration massage modes and is equipped with red and blue LED lights. This promotes hair growth, strengthens hair from the roots, soothes itchy scalps, and regulates oil production. When you use it, it promotes a soothing and revitalizing experience, potentially enhancing overall hair and scalp health. It is the ideal product because it is simple to use, portable, and has a long battery life.

3. WBC Worldbeautycare LED Hair Growth Comb

The WBC Worldbeautycare LED Hair Growth Comb is another option, featuring red and blue LED lights for intensive hair and scalp treatment. Red light reduces hair frizz, eases scalp discomfort, and eases headaches. On the other side, blue light treats hair fall issues increases hair growth, and decreases excess oil. Suitable for both men and women, it aims to encourage the growth of fuller and quality hair.

4. MS Magic Secret Phototherapy Laser Comb

Equipped with 49 massage bristles, the MS Magic Secret Phototherapy Laser Comb and Hair Massager can offer you a relaxing head massage that works well to boost blood circulation. By promoting better circulation and providing therapy with each stroke, it aims to enhance the overall condition of the hair and scalp. Additionally, the red and blue light waves significantly improve overall hair condition. It is easy to use and has a long battery life.

5. Enliwish Japanese Hair Growth Comb Brush

The Enliwish Japanese Hair Growth Comb Brush is designed to address hair loss and encourage hair regrowth for both men and women. It focuses on reducing the risk of hair breakage, dry and frizzy hair, and excessive oil production on your scalp, which makes it suitable for spot or full scalp treatments. By boosting blood circulation, this comb promotes healthier and fuller hair growth and calms an irritated scalp.

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