Best oils for nails: Use these 5 natural oils for healthy nail growth


Manicures, biting, everyday dust, nail paint – our nails go through a lot on a daily basis! When you put your nails through so much, they tend to break and become brittle. If you have been dealing with weak, brittle and damaged nails, you should try using some oils. It is essential to use the best oils for nails to nourish and strengthen them. These miraculous elixirs can work wonders for your nails. From hydrating cuticles to promoting growth and adding a natural shine to your nails, these oils can do the best for you!

So, are you ready to discover the power of nature’s remedies and unlock the potential for stunning nails? If you’re looking for the best natural oils for nails or wondering how to grow your nails in a healthy way, It’s time to give your nails what they deserve!

Best oils for your nails

Since there are plenty of oils to choose from, we have narrowed it down to 5 best oils for nails and cuticles.

1. Coconut Oil

One remedy that does it all is coconut oil. From acne to nails to cracked heels, coconut oils can be used in numerous ways. This versatile and natural remedy contains fatty acids and antimicrobial properties that can help combat nail infections, promote nail growth, prevent breakage and strengthen them. By regularly applying coconut oil to your nails, you can nourish and protect them by revealing stronger, smoother, and more beautiful-looking nails.

2. Castor Oil

Rich in essential fatty acids and other nourishing components, castor oil may be the perfect addition to your kitty. It helps promote blood circulation, hydrate cuticles and stimulate nail growth. Plus, the ricinoleic acid in it helps strengthen the nails.

3. Clove Oil

A study published in the journal Mycobiology found that clove oil contains anti fungal and antibacterial properties that can make it effective in combating nail infections. It also helps promote overall nail wellness. It also contains properties that can help soothe any discomfort caused by ingrown nails or inflammation. You can add clove oil to your routine if you want healthier, stronger nails.

4. Vitamin E Oil

Whether you have brittle nails or ridged nails or yellow nails, vitamin E can be beneficial in all these problems. It also contains moisturizing properties that nourish and hydrate the nails. It also aids in repairing damaged cuticles, soothing inflammation, and strengthening the nail bed. All in all, it is a powerhouse of nutrients that can help revitalise your nails.

5. Olive Oil

While olive oil doesn’t promote nail growth per se, it helps you deal with brittleness and reduce nail breakage. Plus, it contains all the fatty acids that help retain moisture in the hair, skin, and nails. So, it can be a good addition to your skincare routine.

All of the oils are naturally infused with incredible nutrients, however, it is possible that a certain oil might not suit you. Hence, it is important to do a patch test and consult a doctor before you incorporate them in your skincare routine.

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