How Much Do Personal Trainers Make? Job Description & Salary


Have you been dreaming about a career in fitness but are not sure where to start? Maybe you don’t think you have what it takes? We feel confident that you do; all you need is the right resources to get started! 

A career in the fitness industry can be very rewarding, especially if you’re a certified personal trainer. You face constant variety: new clients, new workout routines, employment opportunities at different fitness centers. You also work in a rewarding setting. You help your clients to meet their health and fitness goals and can even help them shape a more positive lifestyle; resulting in an overall happier life. And, let’s face it, personal training has it’s benefits for the trainer as well. You can own your own business, set your schedule and establish your hourly rates, not to mention educate yourself on new and upcoming health and fitness trends.

Learn what it takes to become a Personal Trainer

The key to becoming a successful personal trainer is having passion for what you do. When you’re passionate about health, fitness and wellness, your clients can emulate that feeling and improve their lifestyle through training. So what does a typical trainer do on a day-to-day basis? Let’s take a deeper dive into the career description.

Personal Trainer Job Description

Personal trainers have a number of different responsibilities when working one-on-one with a client or in a group setting. In order to be a personal trainer, you need to have the right education and certification to pursue a career in fitness, have attention to detail (know when to correct your clients form or if you’re training multiple clients at once), knowledge of different workout programs and the ability to tailor plans to client goals.

  1. Training Schedule: 

    Personal trainers have flexibility within their schedule as long as they can meet the needs of their client. Since they’re working around client schedules, trainers typically work in the morning or later in the afternoon / evening when their client is finished with work. Although early mornings or later evenings may seem like an initial draw back, personal trainers can set permanent hours of operation or if they decide to be more flexible, they will have a more relaxed schedule during the day.

  2. Training Environment: 

    Trainers have the option to work in various environments; typically a commercial gym, fitness center or a specialized training center. Trainers also have the option to workout with their client at home or office, the preference is typically up to the client or if the trainer has a permanent location.

  3. Salary or Annual Wage: How Much Do Personal Trainers Make?

    According to CNN Money, personal trainers average median pay is $56,000 annually, and their top pay is $128,000 annually. This all depends on where you work and how credible your training is. If you’re in high-demand, you’ll have the opportunity to increase your hourly rate. Also, if you’re an independent trainer you’ll be able to make more annually, vs. if you work for a personal training center where you’ll issue a percentage of your hourly rate to your employer.

Ready to get Started?

At AFPA we offer a variety of different certificates to get you started with your career, take a look at our description offered on our website to see what certificate is right for you! Read our “how to become a personal trainer” article.

Learn what it takes to become a Personal Trainer

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