Sask based tech company develops AI grain grading app – Saskatoon


A Saskatchewan-based tech company has developed a first of its kind app that helps farmers in grading grain quality.

The new app counts grain kernels and checks for quality within seconds. Grain Grading, the is brain child Weiping Zeng, CEO of SuperGeo A.I Tech.

Zeng comes from farming background and said farmers put in extensive hours for uncertain returns and the aim of the A.I. based app will automate time consuming tasks as well as remove the subjectivity in the grain grading process.

“After chatting with farmers about their current method for checking grain quality, it struck me, ‘why not use AI technology to help them?’” he said.

Lyndon Lisiza, SuperGeo A.I. Tech’s chief marketing officer, said removing inspector’s subjectivit can potentially provide a clear definition of what grain grades are to ensure farmers maximize their profits.

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“Right now in order to grade grain effectively, you need an inspector to go through each kernel of grain, small samples and they are the ones that determine what the quality of that grain is and determine if there is any attributes that are- or characteristics of that grain that are either good or bad,” he said.

The app tests for frost and heat damage. In addition to providing accurate sample counts in wheat, canola, peas and lentils.

Zeng said he is hoping this new application of artificial intelligence revolutionizes the agriculture industry going forward.

Farmers can access the app on androids. The app is yet to be released on Apple’s app store.


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