Western Canada wildfire smoke spikes air quality risk in Saskatoon, Regina – Saskatoon


Smoke has been a constant in Saskatchewan this summer and continues to be even as the summer winds down.

On Sunday, both Saskatoon and Regina were rated at the highest risk level on Environment Canada’s air quality health index.

“Certainly, the biggest contributors are British Columbia, northern Alberta, and the Northwest Territories — really active fires going there,” said Terri Lang, meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada.

“I was trying to think if I can remember as a child here in Saskatoon ever experiencing this much smoke, but I don’t think so,” said Saskatoon resident Mike Thorson.

Despite the smoke, Thorson said he is undeterred from going outside.

“I still like to get outside. It’s nice out, the temperature’s beautiful, there’s no wind, so it’s still nice to get outside,” he said.

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Yet Elnaz Rezaei, who was visiting Saskatoon from Vancouver, said she wishes the smoke would go away.

“I lived in Saskatoon for two years and I brought my friend from Vancouver to show her the skies and we can’t see the sky,” she said.

Lang said the smoke is likely to stick around in the province well into wintertime.


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